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A Nasty Fat Piece of Jailbait!
The Kind of Chubby Chasing that will see you imprisoned!
GPR: Whooooa check that nasty piece of jailbait!!

N-Dizzle: Sh*t man thats Whalebait!

GPR: what the f*cks whalebait!

N-Dizzle: Fat Ass Jailbait Blood!



GAZ: Holy Shit Did you just see that whalebait!!

Nath: F*uck dude, She's as big as your mum.......Snoogans!

Gaz: Cold Blooded!!!!
by G-PrimeRib October 17, 2010

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An overweight minor whose interested in sex with older people.
Pedobear is sad. Your 13 year old girlfriend must weight 300 lbs. Talk about whalebait.
by Tankman86 February 13, 2009