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A Nasty Fat Piece of Jailbait!
The Kind of Chubby Chasing that will see you imprisoned!
GPR: Whooooa check that nasty piece of jailbait!!

N-Dizzle: Sh*t man thats Whalebait!

GPR: what the f*cks whalebait!

N-Dizzle: Fat Ass Jailbait Blood!



GAZ: Holy Shit Did you just see that whalebait!!

Nath: F*uck dude, She's as big as your mum.......Snoogans!

Gaz: Cold Blooded!!!!
by G-PrimeRib October 17, 2010
Guys and girl that unconsciously attract fat people.
Apparently I'm whale bait because last night all the fat girls were trying to flirt with me.
by austin89 January 16, 2016
An overweight minor whose interested in sex with older people.
Pedobear is sad. Your 13 year old girlfriend must weight 300 lbs. Talk about whalebait.
by Tankman86 February 13, 2009
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