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A version of whack-a-mole played with snipers in the Gears of War series. (99% of the time) The sniper cannot hit the target because they are ducking up and down behind cover, casually moving from side to side. Person who uses Whack-A-Dale is usually a sniper, and can snipe heads off in a second.

Whack-a-Dale is usually played in sniper matches.
Now an online pandemic.
Original example:
Match between Jamison V Frost (Dale) and Rawdog9 (Eric)
Jamison V Frost was scared of losing to Rawdog9, and spams ducking behind cover.


Rawdog: "Stop dodging like a pussy."
Jamison V Frost: "Nuuuuu D:"
Rawdog: "I'm gonna get youu."
Jamison V Frost: "Bitch."
-Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh dah dah-
Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare.
by Jamison V Frost June 15, 2010