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A bad ass beverage to consume the day after you've been rearended from behind by an old man ( in a non-sexual way) at a complete stop at a red light!

Wet Hampster to be made as follows


add liquor all equal parts in mixer cup with ice shake vigorously then pour over a glass of ice and garnish with a dead hampster you've found by the front counter of a stripclub!
Taylor: " like I'm at this redlight wasted at 2:30 am and this oldman who's totally sober runs right into the back of my car at a deadstop"

Estee: " omg did the popo come?"

Taylor: " hell no I'm like DUI or sleep? Hmmm I'll take the sleep and dream of my wet hampster !!!"

Estee: " Good call !!! "
by Drunk billiards June 12, 2010
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