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When a girl puts her finger in her vagina, then puts it in your ear
I was trying to sleep in, but Nancy woke me up with a wet wilma.
by Andrew LP October 18, 2009
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Closely related to the infamous "wet willy." The Wet Wilma is where you wet your finger inside of a girls vagina and then stick it in her ear like a "wet willy." It is typically best to do this AFTER sex that way if she does get mad and leaves at least you had sex first.

WARNING: Women do NOT enjoy this and will possibly fight back
After we finished having sex I was slowly fingering her. She kissed me and then told me she loved me. So I slowly brought my finger up to her ear, shoved it in, and said "WET WILMA"
by Zack Herrell July 06, 2012
a relative of the wet willie, Wet Wilma is the act of licking your finger and then inserting into a female stripper's "glory hole"
the bouncer escorted the man out of the club after he gave the dancer a "Wet Wilma".
by 83Goober January 29, 2011

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