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Wet = moist Monkey = female genitalia Wet Monkey = moist vagina due to sexual arousal.
As soon as he started kissing me I got a wet monkey.
by Bobbi.mywetmonkey October 28, 2009
when you get a blow job in the shower while washing your armpits.
i was dirty so i took a shower and ended up getting a wet monkey
by griggs-leaston September 08, 2008
A dance in which one swings his or her arms back and forth like a spinning drum, keeping them limp and jelly-like. The motion looks like a monkey trying to shake water off of it's body.
Dude, did you see Matt do the wet monkey at the wedding? It was hilarious!
by Urbiwan Kenobi February 10, 2010
Canine fecal matter.
I gotta take my dog out. He got a bunch of wet monkeys beating on his colon.
by Anonymous September 01, 2003
bathing apes, fresh kicks, fresh hoodies kid
my closets filled with gators and some wet monkeys
by CREAM4L October 03, 2006
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