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Wet = moist Monkey = female genitalia Wet Monkey = moist vagina due to sexual arousal.
As soon as he started kissing me I got a wet monkey.
#happy vajay-jay #drenched pussy #sexually aroused #lubricated love box #juicy joy box #dripping passion pit #slippery orgasm chasm #soaked cream catcher
by Bobbi.mywetmonkey October 28, 2009
Spankz the Monkey is the suave and cool personality behind mywetmonkey.com - a safe and fun place to shop for high end adult products. Spankz is the *Mayor* of Jabooty - a fun and sassy adult social network. He is always chasing the proverbial warm cherry pie and always falling just short. He travels the globe and always has a story to tell or a lesson learned to share. Spankz is always willing to hear your confessions and offer up all types of advice
Come join Spankz the Monkey and let your naughty out at mywetmonkey.com
#jabooty #naughty #monkey #adult social network #cartoon character #suave #cool #chasing tail
by Bobbi.mywetmonkey October 28, 2009
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