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A delicious blonde woman, yanks the mans course hairy penis, that hasn't been shaved in months time.

The very attractive lady gets tight grip and twists the slithery slippery snake to the right, then very quickly to the left back'n'forth in a quick jerky motion waiting for her partners stream of semin and a very beastly orgasm <3

When this is accomplished, she yanks with both hands on the wet penis until he screams in bloody pleasure
Veronica: Don't be a bad boy! I just might have to Western Doorknob you!! Yummy yum yum !

Derek: Babe, my slithery snake is ready! It's time.

Veronica: Okay. 1 2 3 (twist, *ohhh yeeeeaaahhh!*)
by thehottestmamas June 12, 2011

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