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When a guy unexpectedly surprises his bitch with a sneak attack slip of the dick into an extremely wet pussy.
Dude, Johnny pulled the slippery snake on Kate last night! She had no idea what hit her!
by Bonty Miracola March 22, 2010
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Basically a wolf in sheep's clothing. Nobody ever notices the snake in the water until it's too late unless you are really looking for it or its too late. Slippery snakes are usually the sweetest kindest people who are usually doing too much. They do this to earn ur trust and sink their teeth into your life so that they can slyly manipulate you. It is difficult to identify this person until they ruin your life but nobody will ever believe you until it happens to them.
K is such a slippery snake. She found me somewhere to live and was nothing but nice to me, but then she suddenly went behind my back and put my job in jeopardy for no reason. You have got to be careful with slippery snakes.
by mzparadise October 21, 2014
1. When holding a poop too long and you sit on the toilet and before even try to poop a giant log slips out because you have to poop so bad.

2. After poop sex you take out your lubed shitty dick and slap the girl in the face
After Lauren held the poop for so long she sat on the john and the Slippery Snake bit her with joy.
by Alex William March 04, 2009

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