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A gay ass town in Rhode Island! Where everone is Italian and short related to each other they eve marry each other and breed stuck up bitches who think the world revolves around them. They tend to shun the better looking people who aren't from there. And if your a kid there your a kid at the high school either a total air head jock, an emo anime lover from Bradford, or a random slutty whore who thinks they're cute but they are all fucking fugly!!! Nobody ever leaves unless you go to Wakefield. In general stat here during the summer when everyone is nice stay the f&#@&* away year round

Person 2:Yeah it sux
by GozzipGurl April 01, 2009
A pitiful town in Rhode Island, where everyone knows everyone, and there are a bunch of clicks that wish they were fuckinq qhetto.
Everyone from newton ave thinks theyre fuckin hardcore, thouqh everyone in the town thinks they're the GRIMEYEST people in the town.
Then you have BTOWN, aka Bradford, a bunch of fricken retarded people who think theyre cool cause they live there, but in actuality they would be even cooler if they didn't. Broccolo's run that shit, in case you didn't know.

Next you qot the simple fact that, everyone there is short, annoyinq, bitchy and lies too much for their own qood.
The qirls are a bunch of conceited backstabbers, and most of them aren't even cute at all...
but yet, the people of Westerly are content, and they won't ever leave, because they love their beaches, love their BESS EATON ( FUCK TIM HORTONS ), love their dustys, marios, chens, and obviously they love qoinq to On The Run about a hundred times a week .
Last but not least ; WALMART.

end of story ; <3
yeah son, i'm from the ghetto of westerly . what nikka .
by Younq Dro May 14, 2009
1).A very Small Town in connecting Connecticut and Rhode Island.

2). A town Where all The people are either related or know eachother and all of them think they're ghetto. The Girls there are all two faced. Every single one of them.They're all sluts and go around sleeping with all the guys in town. And the guys are almost as fake and dramatic as the girls And are all in their 20's and sleep with little teenage girls starting at 13. The people in this town think they're hard but barely any of them have even been in a fight. All the teenagers in this town are all pot heads ad think they're cool because of it. They all sit at the park, post office, or tim hortons burnt out looking for a way to smoke more. It's a pathetic little town with pathetic little people that should just be wiped off the map.
Girl one-> Omg Brittany is such a fucking whore
Girl two -> Isn't that your best friend?
Girl one -> Yeah but im from Westerly
by StuckThereXP August 27, 2009
A town full of smelly Italians, that is all.
Everyone is Italian in Westerly, its repulsive.
by god damn it October 13, 2011
A town in Rhode Island where people draw on rock mountains on the high way to get to Wallmart.
I used to live in Westerly and there was a new word on the mountain every day.
by Baigh July 11, 2008
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