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The brink of hell, heaven, the unknown; a place on the precipice of disaster or discovery.

The term derives from the Westerbork transit camp - Dutch Jews were sent there in the Nazi era before being sent to the gas chambers and slavery of the concentration camps - and radar array site (Anne Frank was famously there before being shipped to Auschwitz; later on, people built radar dishes there and now gaze at the stars. It was also a place that housed people from the Molucca Sea seeking a new life in the Netherlands).
And so we stood at the westerbork, waving goodbye to Mom and Dad as we set off for summer camp.

Every hospital is a westerbork. Think about it.

At the westerbork known as Camp Kilmer, we were given a gun and a uniform and marched off to war.

Y'know, graduation is like being at Westerbork. You never know what happens next.
by Rickyrab February 05, 2007
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