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Anywhere between $1 and $1.70, depending on investors' temperament. (As of May 27, 2012, it was about $1.25 USD, which is unusually low.)
Q: Got a seven dollar bill? A: No, but I have a five euro bill. Q: Hmmmmm... OK, close enough.

Q: But the Grexit forced the thing below six dollars! A: that's capitalism and money for you :-p
by Rickyrab May 27, 2012
The result of being a motherfucker.
So your dad became your dad because he fucked your mom? That's fatherhood, man.
by Rickyrab May 27, 2012
The brink of hell, heaven, the unknown; a place on the precipice of disaster or discovery.

The term derives from the Westerbork transit camp - Dutch Jews were sent there in the Nazi era before being sent to the gas chambers and slavery of the concentration camps - and radar array site (Anne Frank was famously there before being shipped to Auschwitz; later on, people built radar dishes there and now gaze at the stars. It was also a place that housed people from the Molucca Sea seeking a new life in the Netherlands).
And so we stood at the westerbork, waving goodbye to Mom and Dad as we set off for summer camp.

Every hospital is a westerbork. Think about it.

At the westerbork known as Camp Kilmer, we were given a gun and a uniform and marched off to war.

Y'know, graduation is like being at Westerbork. You never know what happens next.
by Rickyrab February 05, 2007
The New York of Europe.
Where can I find dim sum in London? And why do you guys call it an underground? It's a subway! Come on!
by Rickyrab February 05, 2007
A wannabee New York. A bunch of show-offs who like to build tall buildings and pretend that they have power because they happen to have very tall buildings. Does London have very tall buildings? Not really. Does New York? Yes, but it also has character and the folks that built it at least had some freedom, and people from a certain Mideastern country called "Israel" are at least free to visit New York - which is more than can be said for Showoff City - excuse me, Dubai.
A friend: Wow, look at that, the tallest building in the world is going up in Dubai.
Me: Yeah, because someone in there has the world's most over-inflated ego.
by Rickyrab February 05, 2007

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