When someone publicly steals an object from a person resulting in a blow to the victim's self-esteem.
(In honor of Kanye West.)
The principal gave you an award and immediatly took it back realizing he had given it to the wrong student. You have been "wested."
by brooke17 September 17, 2010
Top Definition
verb; to have one's moment in the spotlight usurped by a disgruntled person on a drunk rant.
Taylor Swift was Wested while giving her acceptance speech at the 2009 VMA awards, when Kayne West rushed the stage, stole her microphone, and ranted that Beyonce should have won the category.
by Nina A September 14, 2009
to west or have wested is to interrupt someone in the middle of a speech to say you believe someone else was better.
"I Totally wested that chick taylor swift at the VMA's"

"you're a dick"
by P-Mo-Slice September 15, 2009
to be drunk. Can be used in polite conversation in the place of 'wasted'.
Dave: Cor, you were wested last night.
Sarah: Did I see you last night??
by WHV October 16, 2003
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