Richest city in Michigan... richest in country outside of Florida and California. (often referred to as a new money Grosse Pointe) Neighboring the much less classier Birmingham, West Bloomfield possibly inspires the most resent and jealously when told that you live there out of any other city in Michigan, but hey, with an average income of over $200,000, its not that hard to understand. It is no big deal to see a lambo or porsche cruising down the street... with a 16 year old driver. Basically, West Bloomfield is what makes Oakland Country the real OC
Person X- "Hey where do you live?"
Person Y- "in West Bloomfield"
Person X- "you rich fuck" *walks away in jealousy and resent*
by Lizzy Berns April 14, 2008
Top Definition
A city in Michigan in Oakland County known for the MANY Chaldeans and Jews that live there.
There are many Chaldeans and Jews in West Bloomfield.
by The_Unknown February 05, 2005
A city in Michigan where drugs, sex, alcohol, and general superficiality are a vital part of reality. Where you can charge a slice of pizza on plastic, go to Somerset on weekends, Old Woodward, Bham, and the Palladium (overcrowded with middle schoolers in the summer), Shops at the Top, a bar on every corner(hookah), sixth graders with cells, and private school rivals (+ the public schools that hate them all). Houses that wrap around an entire street. Where there are more country clubs than banks, and porche driving soccer moms popping their collars, and no one gives a shit about the West Coast (even though a winter home is nice). 16 yr olds get mustangs for their first cars and our addiction is popularity.
Thats a west bloomfield kid.
by WBJEW July 05, 2005
A stereotypically "snobby & rich" city in Oakland County, Michigan. Some true stereotypes include the mass population of people of the Jewish religion, a few "high-end" neighborhoods, and the trends of Uggs, Tiffany jewelry, and NorthFace jackets among teenage girls. Some false stereotypes include that everyone is rich, bitchy and rude. As well as the idea that everyone not only has money, but is hungry for it as well.

West Bloomfield has many nice, caring people who actually don't care about money and choose to be themselves because they realize that there are a lot of rich f*cks in their city.
A: "West Bloomfield is a town full of rich a-holes."
B: "While that may be true for some, I think there are some nice people there."
by slipknotxx March 24, 2009
A very pompous city in Michigan, located in the very infamous Oakland County, home of the very materialistic, egotistical, stuck-up, and rich snobs. Every household contains at LEAST TWO Cadillac Escalades, Range Rovers, Hummers, Mercedes Benz, BMWs, Lexus, or other name-brand luxury cars. Everyone tries to one up each other, always trying to look better than the next person. If you want to live here, you have to be shallow, supericial, and have expensive tastes. You can always tell the difference between someone from Wixom and someone from West Bloomfield by their ethnicity, clothing, car, hairstyles and vacation choices. West Bloomfield habitants generally wear things such as The North Face, Armani, Luis Vuitton, Tiffany and Co, Abercrombie and Fitch and Movado. Typically, shop in stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. This is the home of many Jewish American Princesses, or JAPS and Chaldeans. It is often called West JEWfield. So many young girls starting at the age of 14 often get plastic surgery, pressured by the overly shallow society. Nothing in West Bloomfield matters but wealth, pricey fashions, high-class living, and looking good.
Look at that girl driving the newest Mercedes Benz model! She's wearing Chanel earrings, Uggs, a Tiffany's necklace and bracelet, True Religion jeans, and a North Face. She's probably from West Bloomfield.

You're filthy rich and you live in Oakland County. I bet you live in West Bloomfield!

That JAP who goes to that expensive private school is a West Bloomie.

That 10-year old girl from West Bloomfield has more Luis Vuitton purses than my business woman mother.
by ThisIsWhatsUp February 13, 2008
I LOVE the WB!
I love living it up here in West Bloomfield
by Cutie from West Bloomie November 02, 2003
west bloomfield is a city in oakland county, but is not for rich snobs at all, and all the bitches that think that and actually believe in all the stereotypical bullshit, can just go fuck themseleves, because they dont know shit. in west bloomfield, people do not only care about wealth and how they look. people there are a whole lot better than the assholes that believe in all those stereotypes. if you have never lived there, then you cant say shit about it, because you dont know anything, and you cant say anything, unless you have lived there before.
person one: did you see the new girl? she from west bloomfield, so shes definetly a jap.

person two: thats bullshit. just because she lives in west bloomfield doesnt mean shes a jap. your a fucking asshole!!
by WBlover!!! November 22, 2011
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