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Not to be confused with "central Springfield" or the Mixing Bowl side of town. Centered around the intersection of Rolling Road and Old Keene Mill Road.
West Springfield is cool.
by hola February 28, 2005
A crime ridden city in Massachusetts. Fondly known as West side. West Side is basically the shittiest place in the united states. If you live there you have officially hit rock bottom, that or you're on some kind of drug. There colors are blue and white. Blue is Understandable because it represents depression, which is what you feel if you live in this hell hole. This place is worse than Agawam, that's got to say something. I'm sincerely sorry if you live here.
Stop that, you're embarrassing, people will think you're from West Springfield.
by not a westsider November 27, 2011
People that like to steal crew jackets. to their credit, the jackets were returned... some of them... eventually
C'mon dude, put the jacket down; You don't want people thinking you're a West Springfield
by whowantstoknow May 19, 2003

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