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a pretty lame town that only has about 40% of kids that are actually cool in it. oh, and it's known for six falgs new england. and that's it.
i'm going to agawam! oh man, that's a bummer.
by Jesspanic April 11, 2008
A small gay town in Massachusettes. our wonderful high school is known as "heroine high". yup gotta love that shit. junior high is the shittiest school in the state im pretty sure. if you live here, your unlucky. i hate this fucking town. we have a lot of whores, not mentioning any names. cough cough rachel.......... yup. so yeah. agawam blows dong. google that shit pl0x.
oh let's go for agawam girls, they are whores! nice and easy!

im going to agawam! oh then we aren't friends anymore. bye.

fagawam! yayyyyyyy
a small town full of drama and noone ever comes here as a tourist spot. the only good thing is that there is a small bowling ally and 6 flags, everything fun in the town had beeen burned or closed agawam is a good place to live if you are old and boaring
Agawam here i come... this is it wow im board lets leave
by red gielspot February 08, 2010
A stereotypical small Massachusetts town known for Six Flags New England, over-entitled senior citizens, and an outlook so bleak, the poverty-stricken city of Springfield across the Connecticut River has more potential.

Citizens are known for blaming Puerto Rican and Russian immigrants for problems they set in motion five decades ago by banning business zoning, cancelling highway projects, and not understanding that White people make/sell/use meth, too.

Is also home of Dr. Westchesterson.
If Boston is the Hub of Massachusetts, Agawam is the hemroid of the Pioneer Valley. Not Indian Orchard, not Chicopee: Agawam.
by TrotNixonFan March 03, 2013
a small town in massachusetts. it is very dramatic, dont move here, if you do, youre screwed. there's only posers. mostly snobby preppy freaks, other than that, theres a few emo/scene/goth people. theyre awesome though. drama free and really cool.
dude if we went to agawam, wed have so much fun with the emo's, not the preps!
by emilllllyyyyyyyyyyyyx April 21, 2009
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