1.Gained national attention in 1985 with violence between police and a group called MOVE.
2. Colleges and Universities include; the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.
3.Famous for the "El" train.
4. Neighborhood's Include; Belmont • Carroll Park • Cathedral Park • Cedar Park • Cobbs Creek • Dunlap • Garden Court • Haddington • Haverford North • Mantua • Mill Creek • Overbrook • Overbrook Park • Overbrook Farms • Parkside • Powelton Village • Saunders Park • Spruce Hill • Squirrel Hill • University City • Walnut Hill • Woodland Terrace • Wynnefield • Wynnefield Heights
5. Finally, West Philly isn't known for harboring any bitch niggas. If you fit that classification and happen to spend time in any of the aforementioned neighborhoods, you may find yourself a victim of West Philly's issues concerning exorbitant crime.
Not suitable for travelers often considered bitches, so ask your doctor if a visit to West Philly is right for you.
by A-Nanomis July 26, 2008
A place were blacks roam the streets and jamaicans, Africans and Akis shop at 52nd street to buy and steal sneaks. Everybody wears Addidas and drinks Kool-aid. At certain times store owners close up shop and mothers hide their kids cas they know somebody is going to get shot each day. The El runs through West Philly to Center City. All the White people get off before the El reaches 52nd street.
"I'm in West Philly"
"Ard, don't get shot again".
by Philly Rida November 04, 2010

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