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A wessel is an awesome person, that's just all around great and loved by many! Certain people who are uninformed of the definition, may use the word as an insult, which it clearly is not.
Certain person: "You are such a wessel!"

Girl: "Well thanks!"
by khjgkhfawaked November 25, 2010
43 18

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a really horny bitch who can't stop talking or thinking about sexual content.
Wow! why does he have to be such a wessels.
by ujunag April 29, 2008
14 24
Geeky nerd xbox fanboy.
Lover of everything IT.
Wessel: I LOVE playing XBOX!
by Odie85 February 04, 2010
13 27
The word given to define a person who considers himself to know everything there is to know - depsite the fact that he knows nothing! Everyone else around them knows this ... and he seems oblivious to the fact!
I can't stand this guy, he's such a Wessel !
by Malamute69 February 04, 2010
20 35