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Unlike the traditional lycanthropy, a werebabe does not simply transform from human to wolf. Often times they are seemingly good girls who transform into badass babes with the insatiable desire to party. Many of their features are beast-like (piercing eyes, long sharp nails/teeth) however they can easily pass as an attractive female human. When fully transformed they seek out men to seduce and kill. However, she may choose to spare your life if she decides you will make a good love slave. She'll then bite you, ensuring you will be under her command whenever the moon is full!
(Werebabe is also a song by BadNraD)
"Whoa, is that the nerdy girl from school? She's lookin' fine tonight! Uh oh... she must be a werebabe!"

"Yeah, she leaves with men... and you never see them again!"
by BadNraD August 09, 2009
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