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Sinew spelt backwards. Something very soft.
Wenis. Sinew. One or the other.
by Fearman October 25, 2007
8 21
The skin on your elbow
Hey, Dan! Your wenis is showing!

by Rodney Basil October 07, 2003
2563 990
The skin that covers the tip of your elbow. The wenis lacks sensitivity and can withstand all types of abuse.

*The skin on the inside of your elbow is known as a wagina.*
Your wenis is looking crustym use some moisturizer.
by thebdmethod January 22, 2004
1733 1313
the flexible skin on your elbows
"Look how far I can stretch my wenis!" or "I'm touching your wenis!"
by air-bear June 28, 2005
476 110
the skin that allows the elbows to bend, but it sounds really dirty and funny
1.) stop rubbing my wenis
2.) mmm my wenis is dried up and crusty..wanna lick it?
3.) my wenis stretches ;)
by ~*~sarah~*~ February 22, 2005
1185 825
excess skin that hangs off the elbow.
Don't touch my wenis on my elbow, it makes me self-consious.
by SurfDM101 July 07, 2005
251 74
The skin on your elbow.
A real fun word to say and make fun of.
Hey Rachel will you touch my wenis?

Oh My God i think i broke my poor lil' wenis!!!

MY wenis is PURPLE!

Who wants to see my wenis!?

Is it normal to have hair growing on the end of your wenis?

I fell on the carpet now my wenis is burning i had to put some lotion on my wenis so it wouldnt burn
by UofL May 31, 2005
782 621
N. The skin of the elbow.
"My wenis wiggles from side to side when I wave goodbye"
by Switchfoot_Gurly November 28, 2004
560 464