A word used to disguise underage drinking by substituting the word alcohol or any terms related to the phenomenon of getting drunk, with it.
1. Are you bringing any welsh to the party?
2. Kris got fucking welshed last night.
3. This party is gonna be a fucking welsh fest!
by jimo December 11, 2006
dude that lession was fuckin welsh
this weekend is gonna be welsh
by lou_la_belle December 16, 2004
General insult coined by Jack, who is lazy.
Despite featuring the plural of Wales actually has little to do with the country.
"Stop being welsh"

"That guys being so welsh, i wish someone would throw a stone at him or something"
by Vincentenial December 08, 2004
People from Wales, a small country in the UK (of which England is the don). Welsh people are often accused of being 'sheep shaggers', which they vehemently deny, althought I say there's no smoke without fire. Welsh people populate the 'valleys', where they eat porridge and make love to the aforementioned fluffy animals. Welsh people tend to speak with a very weird but funny accent and the only thing more ridiculous than the comical value of their accents is their 'language', if you can even call it that. It's quite a fucked up lingo by anyone's standards and is akin to playing a voice recording backwards. Not too sure about them being as intelligent as other (biased) people have said they are on here, but from what I've seen they're second in the IQ stakes to pretty much everyone but the sheep they have sexual relations with (see Welsh Big Brother contestants along with your everyday Welsh person for examples of some of most dolt-like people in the world). Wales is also home to 'the only gay in the village' Daffyd Thomas.
English Person: Glynn, do you want to come round to mine to hang out?
Sheep Shagger AKA Welsh Person: Do you have any porridge in?
English Person: No, I don't consume that bland food in my house, go back to your own country and ask for some porridge with your weird lingo.
Sheep Shagger AKA Welsh Person: Well then I'm sorry but I'll just stay home and get intimate with the sheep that I stole from the nearby non-bestiality farm.
by ®ob June 12, 2007
Try to boast their national identity like they were irish, say they hate the english the most even though the English oppressed Ireland for centurys and did nothing to wales since Edward Longshanks, we kicked england out of our land in the war of indepence part from the north. Up the Irish!!
"I haite de bloody english those bloody divvys"
by Irish guy May 14, 2005
boring people who cant play football only rugby, they wish they could be from england. they live in wales a boring place with no shops
"stop being so welsh and come to the pub to watch the football and have a few drinks"
by englisssssssh October 09, 2006

The exact opposite to Scottish. Boring, idle and dammed right ugly.
Get aff yer fat arse and stop bein' so Welsh!
by scottish ninjas August 06, 2006

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