trans. v.
(while in Wales) to come up to people and address them in Welsh, whether you know that they speak Welsh or not. Cf. come-raeg
I was in the queue in St. David's Hall, and this woman came out of nowhere and welshed the bartender. After a split second of no response from him, she repeated in English.
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by Denver Wagner August 22, 2016
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A culture belonging to Wales. They are NOT called sheep shaggers. In fact South Wales is home to some of the most beautiful accents on the world (in my opinion), and many great bands come from here too...
Examples of Welsh people:
Sean Smith (The Blackout)
Gavin Butler (The Blackout)
Ian Watkins (Lostprophets)
by Jesus the second. X. August 16, 2011
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When something disturbs or disgusts you enough that you vomit a little bit into your mouth. ( A small enough quantity that it's less disturbing to swallow it )
Thinking about Baconaise makes me welsh.
by BToxic February 26, 2012
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A word used to disguise underage drinking by substituting the word alcohol or any terms related to the phenomenon of getting drunk, with it.
1. Are you bringing any welsh to the party?
2. Kris got fucking welshed last night.
3. This party is gonna be a fucking welsh fest!
by jimo December 11, 2006
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A group of people from a part of the uk that know one really cares about,
They mostly work underground and are easy to spot as they walk around with black faces and hands like minstrals.
There women wear big black hats like chimney stacks and dress like hay stacks and smell of dead vegitation and rotting fish.
This is proberbly why all welsh boys shag sheep.
The wesh lingo is only spoken by a small part of the country as it is compleate jibberish and know one understands it.
Welsh = in wales it is either raining or going to rain they cannot sing unless there are 30 or more of em.
They are crap at rugby and football tennis, golf, you name it there crap at it, there lingo sounds like a person choking on vomit (and they smell like it too)
The only things the welsh can do is dig for coal and shag sheep ,
There national sport is moaning
The best thing about the welsh? there is none thats why they are all stuck in the valleys bumping into one another and saying boyo looking for a prize leek,
by jonny england August 25, 2006
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People from Wales, a small country in the UK (of which England is the don). Welsh people are often accused of being 'sheep shaggers', which they vehemently deny, althought I say there's no smoke without fire. Welsh people populate the 'valleys', where they eat porridge and make love to the aforementioned fluffy animals. Welsh people tend to speak with a very weird but funny accent and the only thing more ridiculous than the comical value of their accents is their 'language', if you can even call it that. It's quite a fucked up lingo by anyone's standards and is akin to playing a voice recording backwards. Not too sure about them being as intelligent as other (biased) people have said they are on here, but from what I've seen they're second in the IQ stakes to pretty much everyone but the sheep they have sexual relations with (see Welsh Big Brother contestants along with your everyday Welsh person for examples of some of most dolt-like people in the world). Wales is also home to 'the only gay in the village' Daffyd Thomas.
English Person: Glynn, do you want to come round to mine to hang out?
Sheep Shagger AKA Welsh Person: Do you have any porridge in?
English Person: No, I don't consume that bland food in my house, go back to your own country and ask for some porridge with your weird lingo.
Sheep Shagger AKA Welsh Person: Well then I'm sorry but I'll just stay home and get intimate with the sheep that I stole from the nearby non-bestiality farm.
by ®ob June 12, 2007
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boring people who cant play football only rugby, they wish they could be from england. they live in wales a boring place with no shops
"stop being so welsh and come to the pub to watch the football and have a few drinks"
by englisssssssh October 09, 2006
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