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1. The last remaining genetically celtic nation within the British Isles. Also the only celts who managed to retain their language despite centuries of English attempts to destroy the language and culture of Wales.

2. Welch, a failure to keep your promises or meet your obligations.
1. Welsh as in the people of Wales.

2. Welch to renege on an agreement
by Granny Weatherwax December 23, 2005
Welsh - Another word for Marijuana

Combine Welsh and a Belsh and you going to get stoned (unless u have shit bush welsh)
That looks like some cron welsh.

This is shit welsh bro, who did you say you got it from?
by And2602 May 01, 2010
To waffle or refuse payment on a bill, loan, or bet.
Don't worry doctor, we've never welshed on a bill-- hey look! A bear!
by Weens September 27, 2005
An inordinate amount of English when spinning a stone in shuffleboard.

shuffleboardGSCgargyleted kennedyswinger
That had so much English on it we'll have to call it Welsh!
by Tyler Morell November 16, 2008
Someone or something that is not bomb
Got, you suck dick Welsh.
by superdickmaster March 16, 2009
to sully ones pantaloons
by hilo October 11, 2003
To damage without intent.
Dude, you welshed it! its ruined!!
by Welshinator August 26, 2006