What you say when leaving a group of friends or a party
Welp! Gotta go.

Man that movie was cancer! This has been a bubonic night but I gotta WELP!
A word that was started on Facebook by Joe Berry (of Granite Bay) in 2007 and was originally geared as a subtle quote to the movie "Dumb and Dumber" as well as a joke to isolate the "P" sound that most people make when saying the word "Well." Since then, "welp" has now turned in to a huge Facebook phenomenon. There is rumors that Berry may be spreading it to Twitter as well, but only time will tell. Another side fact: Berry usually follows with the word "Montana" after a statement of "Welp."
"Welp.....Just sitting in this chair.....Montana."
by Sinpel Izza May 03, 2011
short bearded scraggly lazy man/woman,looks busy but goofs off
Driving a dump truck around looks busy but the truck is empty. Carries around a card board box appearing to weigh 100 pounds but is actually empty.
Hey welp, can you help me lift this heavy item, Welp replies" no, Im busy carring this empty box around".
by William L October 04, 2006
what really annoying people say instead of well. The same kind of people who use jah instead of yes.

Welp, I was a tool so my girlfriend dumped my sorry ass.
by fuzzyturtle July 06, 2004
A noise made much like a young animal would.
The dog welps
by Slider November 11, 2003
(interjection): another word for well as in "Oh well.", (noun): a pointless event.
(interjection): Welp, don't even try to turn on the tv, I broke it.
(noun): Trying to fix that busted tv is a welp.
by Allen Hughes III April 27, 2003

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