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a word to describe a beautiful woman
she's well well
by alex1234512345 November 18, 2010
1 1
Used by ghetto ass mexican people in the city of Tucson or border cites to Mexico in regards to ending any phrase and absolutely making no sense what so ever.
Cashier: "That will be $4.90 well"

Customer: "What??"

Cashier: "Thanks, have a good day well"

Customer: "Your an idiot"
by CompletelyStupid September 08, 2008
6 7

A woman's genitals
Sarah: "Have you seen my well?"

Gary: "No, but I would like to take a dip in it"
by Jarrod Rebecci October 29, 2009
2 5
If you remember the 80s, it was a warning that President Ronald Reagan was going to say something.
The bombing will begin in five minutes.
by LudwigVan March 12, 2004
16 21
an answer to a question when you cant be arsed to speak or a word which can be used when your brain cant think of a comeback to an insult
joe sucks penis

joe your gay

by Jezzabell August 02, 2006
9 16
A town in Southern Maine where people drink too much alcohol and smoke too much dank bud. Bitches here are either ugly or huge cunts. If you do somthing alot you will most likely use the words For Days to desribe it. Eddie Baggs is god one love keep smokin herbals and keep drinkin totties
Wells is not cool at all unless you happen to stumble on any of these people residing in the town of Wells while they are drunk or high- Eddie, Dave, Colby, Cam, Brett, Kyle, Brian, James, Marv, Justin, and the rest of the mother fuckers who make this town that it is and that is FUCKED UP.
by Eddie Baggs " BIG NIG " "BAGGS January 02, 2009
42 50
A cool, short for saying welcome.

You can reply with "wells" instead of welcome or, to be extra formal: "you're wells".
Aakash: Thanks for making dinner!
Chef: Wells!
by AakashR May 12, 2010
13 22