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The best of the best. The top women's college in the US, shall I say more?

Wellesley is full of brilliant women out to change the world. Capable of attending the "ivies", these women are drawn to the nurturing environment.

Once a Wellesley woman, always a Wellesley woman. Notable alumni are Hilary Clinton and Albright.
130 years of women on top and still going.

The MIT and Harvard men fall head over heals when they see this women. Look out!
by Smartie04 May 09, 2005
The best women's liberal arts college in the country, and 4th best liberal arts college in the country (US News 2005).

Alums include: Madeleine Albright, Nora Ephron, Jean Kilbourne, Hillary Rodham, Molly Campbell, Diana Chapman Walsh, Diane Sawyer.
My boss is a Wellesley College alumna.
by C March 15, 2005
An amazing school 30 min from Boston that offers women the best of everything, from education to personal growth to the future. It boasts an awesome extention of alumnae connection, wonderful professors who teach because its what they love to do, and it has a tight community that is incomparable.
I hated Harvard when I was there. I wish I attended Wellesley instead.
by theaxisisgreen April 28, 2005
A chick school outside of Boston. Its most famous alum is Hilary Rodham Clinton, need I say more? Wellesley chicks are in a class of their own, just ask the boys from Harvard and MIT
Wait, she has a kick ass career and married the cutest boy from Harvard?
Oh she went to Wellesley...
by BS March 13, 2005
Women\'s college for smarties. No, they are not all \"dykes\" or \"total sluts.\" Located around 45 minutes outside of Boston
The Wellesley College campus was used in the movie \"Mona Lisa Smile\" starring Julia Roberts.
by Margauxxx April 26, 2005
A women's liberal arts college in Wellesley, MA located just 20 minutes outside of Boston, or 45 minutes on the Peter Pan.

If you're not a lesbian, you feel left out. If you're straight, the parties here usually aren't very good because only sketchy guys come or the lesbians.

Most women here are only friends with other women, unless they knew guys from highschool who are around the same area.
Those girls are partying at MIT? They must be from Wellesley College.
by anonymoussssssssssd March 06, 2009
A school of intelligent and vivacious women, most of whom are queer, if not out-right-gay. The perfect place if you are into drama, hard work and fun parties.

As once noted:

Here at Wellesley College:

"we are looking forward to cruising all your barely legal asses. "Catching the gay" is a fine Wellesley tradition, like stepsinging and hooprolling, and you should all be quivering in anticipation. It's okay if you don't know what I'm talking about. We will school you, gently but firmly. "

an extreme example
by Sharahey November 26, 2006
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