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The sweetest bitch you will ever meet. Often Asian with long black hair. Looks mean but is often genuine and nice. You should totally meet a Wella.
"Dude, Wella is so awesome!"
"I heard she was a bitch."
"Nah. She cool."
by babyguuurrrrl June 07, 2011
An illegal "drug", but from all drugs this never caused a single death in the world... the way that god found to make us live in peace
roll thattttt shit up dude! i wanna smoke some wella
by rastafari_dude April 27, 2007
A skin disease that causes a limpy dick, and or a terrible rash in the lower gooch area of a male penis.
Matt has Wellas and the doc said it was un-cureable
by -TheOneGuy January 13, 2012
A Dick
She want's my wella in her mouth.
by kazie520 June 09, 2010
verb. What A-rabs from fort say when they want to emphasize that they are telling the truth.
Akmed: Your such a liar.

Muhammed: Wella, im telling you wella.
by ZerO874 June 10, 2005