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1) Simply stated, it is a term you call a person who is both a weirdo and a douche.

2) A variation of your typical douche - he uses old cartoon characters’ quotes to pickup or woo women with “matching fashion victim” clothes.

3) A man who spins tall tales that are ridiculously fictitious.
Weirdouche whispers softly to a girl "Cara mia" (like Gomez in the Adams Family) he then proceeds to kiss her hand.

Weirdouche talking to a 18-year golf veteran, "My handicap? 2 under par. Yeah, and I've only been playing golf for 3 years"

Weirdouche wearing paint stylized pants - "My pants? I was painting. These are paint splatters, they aren't part of the pants."
by vat69 October 16, 2010
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