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Weird faces are commonly used in boring situations in order to entertain oneself. (ex. on a train or a snakeless plane) Generally, these weird faces are part of a game known as the "weird face game" (WFG) The rules for WFG are as follows:
- There is a maximum an a minimum of two participants
- Person A would initiate the game by making a weird face until Person B notices and acknowledges Person A.

This is proof that I will do anything other than my summer reading.
- Once eye contact is made, Person B has five (5) seconds to respond to Person A by making a similar face
- After Person B copies the initial face, Person A will change their face and exchanges would continue in the same manner until is over

There are multiple reasons why a WFG may come to a conclusion.
1. One of the participants laughs. If this happens, the non-laughing participant wins
2. Something distracts only one of the players from the game, making them unable to make a new face or copy a face within the 5 second period. If this happens, the participant who is not distracted wins.
3. If something, however, were to distract both participants, then the game ends in a draw.

The game may also end in draw for the following reasons:

- The players become tired and agree to end
- A "Psyche Out"

A "Psyche Out" occurs when a bystander becomes so annoyed or weirded out by the game, that they yell at the participants. The term "Psyche Out" was stolen from the movie Baseketball.
Vik: Makes a weird face
Angela : Copies weird face
--------Weird faces continue for 10 minutes------
Vikas: Stop being gay guys.
by TheFlyingV August 30, 2006
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