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A name given for anybody that has ever had their athletic cup shattered by a ball put through a pitching machine
"Hey Chaz, did you see Weiner Salad? He asked me for this bag of ice for his nuts"
by John Marano August 30, 2006
When you sit down at a restarant to enjoy a nice meal, and when your salad comes to the table you take a bite and notice a huge weiner in your food.
I was sitting at the olive garden and they served me a complete weiner salad!
by Lefty9878 September 11, 2005
A common nickname for Mills E. Godwin's own Jack Salidino. Known as a true weiner salad, Jack accels in all aspects of baseball, more specifically catching. He is a god walking among mere mortals, starting at catcher in JV as a freshman. Announcers got the nickname after adoring fans playing at the varsity level began chanting "JACK WEINER SALAD" at the sight of him.
"Now hitting, the catcher, number 7, Jack Weiner Salad"

"Hey did you see Weiner Salad? His cup got shattered by the pitching machine. Oh that Weiner Salad..."
by Darklord664 April 19, 2006
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