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Comes from the Polish culture, usually referring to a family of four who like to drink, have fun, attend church on a regular basis, and also sing traditional Polish songs at family gatherings. Commonly the end of Weglicki- the cki and ski is a clear indication that there is a Polish undertone. Pronounced one way in English and another in Polish. Weglicki sounds like Van-leet-ski in Polish. Its a good name to have, with a long family line and many traditions to be learned and followed to be passed on from generation to generation!

Also can generate many nicknames such as: Wiggleicious, Wiwiwiwiwwigalicki, Wiggles, Wigs, Wegs, Licki and the like.
Ohh and often miss spelled and ALWAYS mispronounced. :)
That looks like a Weglicki over there.

Wow! You can drink like a Weglicki

The Weglicki`s established in 1976.

Did you hear what that Weglicki girl did at that party last night?
by Misschelle February 04, 2010
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