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a word to replace almost ANY word. Originated on a bus and yelled outloud at assemblies, this word spread quickly. Used best to replce words that rhyme with WEEVE, or said VERY fast. Must be yelled also.
This party sucks, let's WEEVE!!!!

by The Herb September 16, 2004
54 27
A name for a person named david who makes everyone (including girls) sound retarded with deep voices that crack at the end of yelling.
Weeve:NooooOOooooOOOoooooo (acting like a cousin)
Me: shut up weeve btw your cousin sounds like a queer

2 days later
weeve: after you were like MR 1 ONE GOOOOooooOoOoOooal
Me: dude you made me sound like a queer.
by Streetbear April 13, 2012
9 3
Thursday night. Weekend Eve. A night we have long experienced and enjoyed without ever having a name to distinguish itself from the other nights of the work week.
What are you doing this fine we'eve?

I'm so glad it's we'eve already.

Happy We'eve everyone!!
by DJ Danny Darko December 03, 2009
5 1