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The guiding spirt, the worldly conscience, the reason for your existance. Without the Weese, we could not thrive, but without us, there would be no Weese at all.
Follow the Weese.

Just listen to your Weese. That's what I do.
by mookymook August 23, 2006
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an unimaginably obnoxious, rare, humorous, obsessive, and crazy being
That Weese is one funny son of a bitch!
by Anjroo January 07, 2004
Cool, awesome, good. It is a word describing something great. It is used in the south (Louisiana and Mississippi mostly). The term apparently stemmed from Mr. Weese who, in the 70's was a New Orleans bigshot.
Chris, he was pretty weese this weekend.
by currecp December 21, 2010

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