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A boyfriend that is only available to you on the weekends or on vacation. Called the weekend boyfriend because you don't want to make anything too official due to the inconvenient circumstances of your relationship.
I can't wait for this 2 weeks to go by.... I will finally be able to make it up to Vegas to see my weekend boyfriend again
by weekend girlfriend June 10, 2011
A single guy specifically designated to accompany a girl to dinner, movies, social functions, etc. only on weekends because of her busy schedule during the week. May include, kissing, cuddling, sex, etc.
This week has been so busy! I can't wait to call up my weekend boyfriend to see what he has planned for us!

Right now my busy schedule doesn't leave me enough time for a full time boyfriend, so it's great just having a weekend boyfriend! I love having a nice guy to do stuff with on the weekends!
by 361cmgtx3 June 15, 2011
the kind of guy you date for one weekend when you're drunk 3/4 of the time. when you finally sober up, you dump him, realizing his vocabulary consists of "hey" "what's up" "nothin" "awesome" and "lets hook up"
"what happened to that guy you hooked up with at the party?"
"he was such a weekend boyfriend, i broke up with him as soon as i woke up sober on monday"
by Nos_addict January 24, 2009
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