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when you feel high from something other than illegal substances.
"the combination of Nos, Jolt, and a happy meal gave made me feel so high"
"it was definitely a pseudohigh man"
by Nos_addict January 24, 2009
texting two or more people rhythmically. as soon as you send one text, you get another. this requires much skill.
"I was doing some mad rhythmic texting last night with like, five people."
by Nos_addict January 24, 2009
pretending to vomit in order to avoid a sticky situation.
"how did you get out of that date with mr. creeper?"
"i pulled a chuck trick in the bathroom"
by Nos_addict January 24, 2009
the kind of guy you date for one weekend when you're drunk 3/4 of the time. when you finally sober up, you dump him, realizing his vocabulary consists of "hey" "what's up" "nothin" "awesome" and "lets hook up"
"what happened to that guy you hooked up with at the party?"
"he was such a weekend boyfriend, i broke up with him as soon as i woke up sober on monday"
by Nos_addict January 24, 2009
a drug dealer.
"man where did you get this awesome weed?"
"my pastry chef keeps me baked"
by Nos_addict January 24, 2009

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