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The friend everyone has who can't control their drug/booze intake. After they have passed out you have to carry their body from one party to the next.
"Look at Riley, shes about two beers away from weekend at bernies."
by Mark C. August 02, 2005
(verb) The act of propping up a friend who's passed out and can't stand on his or her own.
Dude, you were so shot yesterday after pounding beers at the pool. You passed out in a lounge chair and I had to Weekend at Bernie's you out of the pool area and onto the elevator. I propped you up with my knee. This older couple that got onto the elevator was horrified.

You were passing out but there was no way I was going home without any numbers. I ended up Weekend at Bernie-ing you to two more bars. These chicks I was talking to thought you were drugged.
by M-dubs June 14, 2012
Sexual Position - Spending an extended period of time being fucked by two guys at once. One from behind and one in the mouth.

See Also: Chinese Finger Cuffs
Jessica spent the weekend with her new swinger boyfriend. Poor girl looks like she spent the whole Weekend at Bernie's.
by Gabriel Dunn March 16, 2009
A Weekend at Bernie's is when you get your girlfriend so drunk that she passes out cold. Then you dress her up like a slut, prop her up doggy-style and do her in the ass.
"Dude. My girlfriend doesn't want to have anal sex with me, so last night I bought her 6 tequila shots, took her home, and when she passed out, I dressed her up like a hooker and fucked her in the ass! It was a total Weekend at Bernie's!"
by Gay Gym Buddy April 10, 2008
A reference to being arrested by the wrong cop, on Friday, in NYC. Having your paperwork misallocated, thus "missing" your arraigment and being forced to spend the whole weekend at the former Bernard B Kerik detention facilty in downtown Manhattan.
"Dude, don't argue with the cop... do you wanna spend the weekend at Bernie's?
by cyvais August 07, 2009
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