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when you put your bag of weed in your bag of cheetos for transport from location to location, and after you drop the weed, your cheetos now smell of a glorious mixture of weed and cheese....

Me: Hey can i have some of your weedos?
you: hell naw, you know how hard i worked to achieve this rich smell of dank in my cheetos!
by Spy300 June 16, 2011
When you get really high and have the munchies for Doritos.
Lets go to the cinemas, grab a kit and have some weedos!
by reecewicked2 November 29, 2010
A weird person who smokes weed
Yo he's a weedo
by Weedo June 05, 2015
Slang term for a white or light skinned person.
I was driving on the interstate when I got stuck behind some old weedo in the left lane.
by Rusty July 15, 2005
Derived from the word "weirdo."

1. An abnormally weird person.

2. Someone who acts ghetto.
Ex 1.

Dude 1: Dude, that kid is freaking me out; he keeps talking to himself and one time he came out the men's restroom smiling!

Dude 2: Yep, he's a weedo.

Ex. 2

Dude 1: Aye wassup mane, you shoulda seen me at that party last night. I was goin ham, real talk.

Dude 2: What? Quit being a weedo.
by DIZZM August 09, 2011
a person who is weird and/or acts strangely. Maybe even psychotic.
"Hey that guy is zapping all my friends"

"Yep thats because he's a weedo"
by Sheldon Barnesriley October 16, 2011

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