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Weedling is to find your way into a party you have not been invited to by any method. It can involve climbing a fence, but mainly refers to the act of repetitively asking the person having the party if they can go/guilt tripping people into an invite. People who often do this can be known as weedlers. However at the party weedlers do not mingle, they stalk and follow, clinging onto the few they know at the party.
Joe - "Mark," has weedled his way into another party.

Dylan - Weedling fuck! How did he manage it this time?

Joe - He sent "Eddy" on a guilt trip, told him to remember "how they were best mates four years ago."

Dylan - That guys nothing but a pathetic weedler.
by jackgayby November 21, 2009
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the traveller was weedling as much as she could to obtain her travelling fare and spending money
by lynette ziggles April 18, 2006
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To pee a small amount. Usually happens when extremely nervous or excited.
Girl 1: The exams had me incredibly stressed out, I was so worried I was going to fail.
Girl 2: Oh god, me too. I was so jittery before the tests that I was weedling a little bit.
by ClumsyAnteater October 07, 2009
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