someone who gets horny after getting high off marijuana
pothead: "yo where the girls at?"
friend: "dude your such a weed wacker."
by wetrippymane February 20, 2015
Its a guy or girl that smokes weed and gets high, the masturbates.
Yo dude.
I got so fucking stoned last night.
Oh Yeah?
Yeah yo. I got horny then i beat the meat.
Nice yo (:
Its called Weed Wacking in other words imma Weed Wacker!
by CubzLuva12 December 06, 2012
Someone who jacks off while really high in order to make their orgasm super awesome.
"Hey, where did Jerry go after we smoked that blunt?"
"Oh, he's in the bathroom. He's a Weed Wacker."
by BeauFIndley May 02, 2010
a weapon that "cuts down the weeds" normally a weapon with rapid fire
e.g Ak47 , semi automatic
dem bwoi wa fi par wid me?
me a draw for the bludclart weed wacker
me a chop dem up like a steak!
by Th3 Beast January 06, 2010
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