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The sensation that often arrises after one has injested marijuana. If you have ever experienced the effects of smoking marijuana it is also then likely that you have experienced a 'Weed Bubble' at some point.

The best way to describe it would be the feeling of a small balloon being infalted in your throat. Similar to that small squiggly line we are all too familiar with seeing in the corner of our eye, if you were to try and directly address a 'Weed Bubble' its existence would become no longer apparent yet return swiftly once you allow yourself to relax again.

The term was officially coined on the night of 29th October 2011 at 'Mamba Park', London.
Anyone else getting a Weed Bubble yet?

Haha! I have such a bad Weed Bubble right now!

I think I might have a Weed Bubble guys!

You should have been there man! Everyone got Weed Bubble's so bad!

I love Weed Bubble
by Mamba Park October 30, 2011
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