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a separate line a weed dealer keeps to keep in contact with his clients. ideally a pay as you go phone without any ties to the dealer's name or information.
client: yo, i got yo number from my boi,he said u were good for some green.

dealer: woah hold up man, lemme call you on my other phone.

client: aiiite, i got you, just call me on that weed phone of yours.
by weed phone man August 10, 2009
When you have a non working phone (not a cell phone or portable, this is best with older phones) and you screw off the end with the reciever and stick your weed and/or hash in it.
Friend: Hey where do you stash your stash so your roomate doesn't pinch it?
Joe: The weed phone.
by PrincessPuffinMuffin February 12, 2010
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