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(n) A person who whacks off with one hand and holds a bong, bowl, or other form of marijuana smoking paraphernalia in the other, releasing their dick only to light or repack.
Dude, I was weed whacking for 9 hours today. It was brutal.
by Ben Franklin's Dick August 05, 2009
the process of smoking a bowl of marijuana then masturbating
Brandon was caught weed whacking by his friends after they all smoked a bowl
by blucifer72 February 18, 2010
The instance in which a male is masturbating while smoking marijuana.
George W. Bush was caught in his Texas estate weed-whacking during the 9/11 tragedy.
by BDog31 August 14, 2011
To blaze then fap.
Just smoked, figured I might as well be Weed Whacking right now because my girlfriend has to work late.
by GoBackToForward July 09, 2015
The act of drive-by destruction of people's mailboxes.
After getting her mailbox smashed by drive-by teenagers. Mrs. Parley stuck her head out the window and screamed Goddammit you good for nothing little shits! Stop weed whacking my property!
by WastingLight2012 February 20, 2015
The act of masturbating whilst blazing it. Also commonly known as 'disappointing your mother.'
Boyfriend: I've got to go do something, brb
Girlfriend: Ooh, what are you doing?
Boyfriend: Uhh... Weedwhacking.
by the Crusty Crab May 29, 2015
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