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A hella raw person; only a few of whom exist today. Also, one who enjoys kool aid, popcorn, and surfing the youtubes. An Uber Weeblbob is one who demonstrates said raw abilities on an above average level. Can similarly be used to describe certain positive aspects of life (the Circle of Weeblbobyness) or applied to as a personal characteristic (Weeblbobyness).
Dude did you see that Weeblbob the other day? No way, you saw a Weeblbob? Yeah man, how lucky am I?
She just has a certain Weeblbobyness about her. Who wouldn't like her?
Life is so good right now, I'm just hitching a joy ride on the Circle of Weeblbobyness.
by Jennie H. June 21, 2008
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