A juvenile human. Often rotund, facile, and fond of the attempted consumption of vistor wristwatches and candlesticks. Etymology Shaun Maulding, Professor of such things and others.
Um, Mike, your Weebie is trying to eay my watch...

Don't worry he cannot digest it.
by Mike Byrns May 15, 2005
Top Definition
Male version of cooties. An imaginary bug within the male body, causing girls to be scared of boys.
Girls have cooties, boys have weebies.
by Alejandro Slullican November 07, 2006
Term used to describe your kid instead of baby
Awww, look at the lil weebie....
by crackadoodie4 November 12, 2010
The Weebie; a green, orbular creature with one eye and horns: similar to Mike Wizowski from Monsters Inc.
"Hey look, theres The Weebie!!"
by Weebie Fans July 14, 2003
Extremly hairy pussy, Bushy Pussy, Unshaved
Damn! That bitch had a Weebie.

Brah, She needa Cut that weebie off first.
by Stat. February 04, 2009
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