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A type of short to medium sized clip that usually depicts adverse scenarios in an otherwise normal video. Common sources for Webjunk itself include infomercials, youtube poop, home videos, classic cartoons, vine loops, and even shitposts.

Critical to calling something webjunk, is the aspect in which it is presented. This is usually done within a standard youtube playlist; where the content (or junk) in question is presented in a Nouveau-MTV type format, blending together with no clear ending point.

The medium has not stretched beyond the confines of youtube, as it is a highly contested term with many meanings to many different people. It can be argued that the playlists enforced to back up the usage of this term could be also considered akin to a TV station as referred to earlier in the post. Often, now antiquated infomercials are directly interspersed between the rest of the content of the playlist, to create the aforementioned TV feel.
You will not believe this, but I just created a new Webjunk station titled "Webjunk 2.0".

The social anxiety i've seemed to have acquired in the past few months could be directly attributable to my viewing of Webjunk!

The Webjunk medium is not meant to direct hate, or scorn, towards a specific video or medium. Rather, it is the manner in which it is presented, especially on youtube, that really matters.
by DanteJefferson2999 December 04, 2016
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