To shit on; To epic fail
John was doing great on his tests but this last one he took a weber on it and only got 70; You just got Webered on!; I won, you got Webered!
by Lordclemmage October 04, 2011
1. One who is addicted to video games

2. One who is addicted to cigarettes

3. One who never has money for anything else besides video games and cigarettes
I tried to get him to come out tonight but he's being such a weber.

Why do you got to be such a weber?
by Cameron Bradley Hughes April 29, 2010
tall person with tiny penis claimes he is a girl lover but everyone around him knows he loves the weenie
wow look at that weber
by jake kdnvoahid April 01, 2009
Weber pronounced Webber... A famous sociologist.
If you want to piss off a sociologist call Weber... Webber
by Thomas November 08, 2004
Someone who works on web depelopment.
Web site designs and other stuff related to teh internet.
"John is certanly a weber, he knows all about the web site design."


"Our website is a mess, we need to hire a good weber"
by Lil' JC May 23, 2005

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