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Users who create embarrassingly horrible homepages. These include the use of animated gifs, embedded mp3s, aLtErNaTiNg lOwErCaSe AnD uPpErCaSe, unnecessary photos of themselves, awful poetry, blinking backgrounds, Javascript page transitions, mouse trails, and 500-paragraph long dissertations detailing every painfully banal aspect of their life. Also known as "Livejournal users."

(trust me, its that awful and more)
by Sega Slayer April 14, 2005
A denizen of the web, spending nearly 100% of their free time online. Instead of using the web to educate themselves, they skulk around chatrooms and newsgroups looking for free porn.

(var) anyone addicted to any one site or particular content, such as ebay, yahoo, sports, stocks, etc.
Who knows what kind of web trash you'll meet hanging around Yahoo.
by roboticspankingmachine.com November 29, 2003