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1. noun - The state of having class despite extremely hazardous driving conditions. In Weather Mode, the faculty have recognized that people should not be driving in such weather conditions, but classes will not be suspended despite that fact.

2. adjective - something so inane and nonsensical that it warrants the checking of a totem (as seen in Inception) because you feel like you must be dreaming to be experiencing something so absurd.
Student 1: There's a tornado ripping through the center of Worcester right now.
Student 2: Yeah I know, the school just sent out an email instating Weather Mode.
Student 1: The school is in danger of being destroyed and we still have to show up?
Student 2: Technically, no. But yes.

Student 1: Did you catch that lecture on Friday?
Student 2: Yeah. That shit was so Weather Mode.
by Trexate January 21, 2011

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