A flash movie in which Hitler and Alex Chiu dance around while John Desire sings Hot Limit
We Drink Ritalin is really trippy.
by Zohan Legate September 08, 2003
Top Definition
The best flash video ever. Features Alex Chiu,Adolf Hitler,Hello Kitty,Black Mage,and more!!!
Mama was burning a hole in my aunt...please let me down to HOLD THE KETCHUP
Eeiiight tequilas to feel up my lice...SUUUBMARINE burning in hell!
by Mulleted Hessian! October 16, 2003
Very popular Animutation flash video. Suprisingly, as opposed to most other Animutation videos, the lyrics are in English, but they're sung with a heavy Japanese accent, which makes them hard to understand. The subtitles say what the words sound like, which is often quite hillarious. The song is "The Hot Limit" by Dance Dance Revolution.
Animutation lyric:
Mama was burning a hole in my aunt
Please let me down now
Hold the ketchup
Eight tequilas to feel up my lice
A submarine burning in hell
Gathering the eyes

Real lyric:
The summer is burning a hole in my heart
Stripping me down to
Hot temptation
It's OK to give in, be beaten by lust
A summer wind, burning the air
A scandalous affair
by Teh Pope April 08, 2005
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