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Noun: A friendly, hardworking, heterosexual, domesticated bartending male of the homonid/homer class. Known to seasonally migrate between Central Texas and home spawning grounds in Michigan.
Wilson: Hey man, Truant's got two felonies and now the Man's got him pulled over with ten dime bags and a scale.

Bushman: Hey, that's kewl. Tell the Man the bags belong to Wayno.
by Truant January 13, 2004
Central VT slang for Marijuana developed by a deaf man as his interpretation of the word 'weed'. Other uses may include: Uncle Wayno, Chuckie Wayno, Wayne, etc.
"Where's the phuckin Wayno at?"

"You guys look a little ragged. Been hangin with Uncle Wayno?"
by Stoyankovich March 08, 2010
Comes from the latin word: Fantasyic Footballus Loseribic
Damn, you lost everything!!! You got Wayno'd!!!
by Philip C. Samaro January 14, 2004