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1) A person (typically a male that plays piano) who is in deep denial that there should be a lower-case 'd' at the end of their name.

2) A person who is so convinced of their own awesomeness that they assumed that there would be an definition of their name (that they would most likely enjoy/ relate to).

3) A person who enjoys fried cheese, piano, and having a gerbil named Booger.

Person 1: "That's Wayland!"

Person 2: "I thought his name was Waylan."

Person 1: "There should be a D in there somewhere..."


A wild Waylan appears: "Waylan isn't in Urban Dictionary."

Person 1: "Did you search Wayland?"


"That darn Waylan-- he plays piano and named his hamster Booger. He's also away from Facebook right now, eating something called 'fried cheese.'"
by Karchipotamus December 01, 2011

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