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A close friend you have known for a long time, a homey from back in the day
Jimmy is my way back. We went to preschool together and I was an usher in his wedding. We are tighter than tight.

I thought she was my way back but I was way wrong. I guess old girlfriends can't ever be your true friend, even twenty years later.
by Kevin G. LIttle May 17, 2011
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The area behind the backseat of a Minivan.
Don't put the cooler on a seat, put it in the wayback.
by Bob Lomax January 09, 2008
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in any vehicle with 2+ rows, any seat or area behind the second row of seats, typically, cargo space rather than seating
on vacations, mom and dad took turns driving, my 2 brothers rode in the backseat, leaving me stuck in the way-back with the dog.
by slyght February 17, 2006
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when one's penis is way back on top of the scrotum!
Alice: When Tommy took off his underwear, he had a major wayback!

Cheri: What a shame.
by Kevin Y. November 14, 2007
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The rear facing seat in the very back (third row) of a 1960s era Station Wagon. It folded down into the floor for a smooth cargo area or folded up as a smaller bench seat, often the youngest kids were seated there. Very dangerous location if there was a collision, especially as there were often no seat belts.

Maybe the reason for the title of the movie The Way Way Back is because Duncan couldn't get far enough away from Steve Carell even in the Way Back.
I want to sit in the Way Back.
by Tarl Cabot July 22, 2013
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Noun. Ancestors, especially from abroad. Originating in the phrase 'way back' indicating a period in the distant past.
Robert Asked Simon where his waybacks were from

Jenny Chu's waybacks arrived in the USA from china in 1870
by Thor-Fenris October 17, 2013
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